The 北科罗拉多大学 is proud to be a 学生 First university committed to serving Hispanic, Chicana/o/x, and Latina/o/x 学生, faculty, staff, and alumni, 以及当地社区和我们的地区. 我们相信,我们的多样性是我们的 strength and are committed to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment where all members of our community feel welcome and supported. 

As an emerging 西班牙裔服务机构 (HSI), we have a unique opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Hispanic and Latinx-identifying 学生, and are committed to providing them with the resources and support they need to succeed academically, 社会上和专业上. We also believe that it is important to 庆祝 Hispanic culture and heritage on our campus, and offer a variety of programs and events that highlight the diversity of Latinx cultures our 学生 and their families bring with 他们到联合国军司令部.

By becoming a federally designated Hispanic-Serving Institution, UNC will continue its long tradition of preparing and graduating leaders who serve and enrich Colorado's 文化与经济.


欢迎来到熊国. “这是我的梦想。! 

Like you, at UNC we believe in investing in a quality education. 有100多个 academic programs, affordable costs, and small classes, UNC can be the smart choice 为你! 

应用 today and join 学生 like Andrea in take your first step toward your future 职业生涯.  


We approach our work with the following vision elements:

The same vision elements frame UNC's 10-year strategic plan 划船,不要漂流.


Integrating resources, services and strategies for the benefit of 学生 and demonstrating 确保他们成功的责任.


提供平等的 opportunities and resources for 学生 who in the past may have otherwise been excluded 或被边缘化.


增强 & 投资:
Purpose driven institutional and philanthropic investment in supporting campus and programmatic 增强ments geared toward student completion and graduation. 


创新 & 创建:
Developing an institutional structure focused on building capacity in instruction, faculty and staff development, inclusive hiring practices and 倡导公平 政策.


连接 & 庆祝:
Promoting the excellence of our 学生 by intentionally strengthening networks of alumni, parents and support people and business and community leadership.


Part of servingness is seeing Hispanic and Latinx culture and people represented on campus, in our faculty and staff, and in leadership roles. 今年秋天,我们有了这样的机会 to host culturally reflective programs, collaborate with internal and external campus partners on highlighting Latinx-identifying 学生 and alumni, and create space for additional representation through cultural artifacts. 浏览照片 看看我们这几个月都干了些什么. ¡我们oso!


Latinx-identifying leadership, faculty, and staff representing UNC at the 36th Annual Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities Conference


Dia de los Muertos altar display by 学生 in UNC's Chicana/o and Latinx Studies 部门 in collaboration with the Mexican Cultural Center


Mexican, Chicana artist and UNC alumna 布伦达Vargas-Gonzalez '22 shares insight into 她的壁画 中心Educación 德阿兹特兰在皇冠app官方版下载图书馆.


UNC HSI leadership alongside representatives from the Colorado Department of Higher Education and Metropolitan State University of Denver


2023 LatinXcellence Graduation Reception and Recognition - More than 335 Latinx-identifying 学生于2023年春季从皇冠app官方版下载毕业.


Latinx-identifying alumni and staff attending UNC's LatinXcellence Graduation Reception (从左至右):Cristóbal Garcia '08, Dr. 托比亚斯Guzmán '95,特蕾莎·卡斯特罗'21,鲁道夫 "Rudy" Vargas '13, '22, and keynote speaker Corina Hierro '14.


校友 volunteers Teresa Castro '21 and Alejandro Garcia '17 share their college experiences 有学生和家庭参加 ¡进来吧!


Bilingual 金融援助 presentations for potential 学生 and families


200+ attendees at the CDHE's visit to UNC for their tour of HSIs


UNC alumna Nancy Wendirad '05 highlighted on-field at UNC Football



HSI Steering Committee at National Chicano Studies Conference

UNC's 西班牙裔服务机构 Steering Committee attend the National Association 在丹佛举行的墨西哥裔美国人研究会议上. 


Student participants engaging in HSI efforts at the CDHE's visit to UNC


Student 艺术家 from UNC's College of Performing and Visual 艺术 performing Spanish-language songs during our event hosting the Colorado Department of Higher Education


Student 艺术家 from both the UNC's College of Performing & 视觉艺术与墨西哥/ 0 and Latinx Studies 部门 standing next to artist and lecturer Leo Tanguma in 他们合作的壁画前面

Atlars 2

Dia de los Muertos altar display by 学生 in UNC's Chicana/o and Latinx Studies 部门


UNC staff and faculty enjoying the closing session of the 36th Annual HACU conference


去年,莫拉莱斯一家参加了阿德兰特! 为了更多地了解这所大学 process, now Angel Guillermo and his brother Erick are both college 学生


HSI leadership serve 学生, faculty, and staff pozole during the fall semester's 社区午餐. Left to right, photo shows Chris, Tobias, and Jonathan after 服务pozole.


Latina student graduating in UNC's Fall 2022 commencement ceremonies.


"I hope that UNC becoming an HSI will make me feel like I'm at home on campus. 在哪里 I can hear the sounds of my people, and see the colors of my culture reflected in 皇冠app官方版下载的精髓."